I am working on a document to support an idea I have about introducing blogging as an assessment item in one of my units of study. It seems surprising really that we don't use this form of assessment much more readily in higher  and professional education. It seems perfect, if you subscribe to a socio-dynamic constructivist  learning theory as I do. By encouraging, nay, demanding, that students move beneath the surface in their learning as they reflect and write, they are then encouraged to develop their own skills of critical reflection and communication . The blogosphere (whether initially on a safe university secure server  or later, as confidence grows in the public domain) allows students to develop their communication skills in  writing, clarity and articulation but more than this I think - it allows deeper learning as they are encouraged to question and seek  knowledge and understanding - both of themselves in their own practice (and learning) and of their peers.
Now how to grade is another question!


  1. I suppose Sarah can help you with the grading I could only give you the student perspective.

  2. pray do - how was your student experience? with regard to time, effort and learning experience?

  3. As a reflective practice diary it could also be therapeutic for the practitioner and the sharing of learning experiencing should help development. Just a caution that it would need to be closley monitored to prevent ill advise, but I suppose your thought of it being within a secure server would help. You could also have 'annoymous' login, whereby the author is annoymous but the respondent's aren't
    just a thought

  4. Sorry M that last one was me, haven't got the hang on this yet!!!


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