save the Tasmanian Devils

I created cupcakes last evening - decorated in black and white (well, vanilla and black to be accurate) to support the Tasmanian Devils. Not by feeding them you understand as probably not in keeping with ' 'healthy eating and lifestyle choices for Tasmanian wildlife directives'.... but for people at my previous office to donate a gold coin for the dubious pleasure of eating one!
On another note, i am fast realising (well I think that I think that i always knew really!) that academic pursuits are never, ever completed. That is most certainly true for my thesis and at the moment i feel that I will never finish it- even on submission it will always be an unfinished work - albeit for more pragmatic reasons right now!! But, every presentation, lecture, unit of study content and outline is never a finished product. Do I need to let go? Do I have a perfectionist streak (which I was certainly unaware of  until recent endeavors!) - well, maybe not so unaware!? Is this the nature of the beast - will I never finish anything again? Is this why I have taken to cooking all of a sudden - create  - eat- gone? Could well be! Good for my partner and friends anyway.


  1. thank you for your efforts in the cupcake the department ... unwittingly we came up with very similar decorating ideas. Great minds (with perfectionistic streaks) think alike. You will finish that thesis - it's so near. Though sometimes I think the closer it is to finished, the harder it is to let it go. But then I've only watched other people do it ... so I don't know... I'm only a lowly old 1st year undergrad who coerces others into baking cakes .... tee hee.


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