Approaching Weipa

Well, its been an adventure so far. The first night we slept in the Daintree - the rain lacked its relaxing effect as all I could think about was how slippery and difficult each drop was making the Bloomfield Track which we planned to attack the following day! And the next day came, initially the steep ups were handled well - probably due tin part to the Mickey Thompson tyres but the downs were steep, muddy, slippery and further complicated by roadworks (yes on gravel & mud!) with rods sticking out and narrowing the already narrow track - but we made it and didn't slide - unlike some of our travelling companions who travelled sideways down some parts1 We stopped for a cold one in the Lions Den Pub in Cooktown and spenythe night there. Cooktown has the an oasisi of a bakery - just heaven. Then off into the Lakefield National Park and our first river crossings - the Hhn and the Kennedy and multiple creeks. The Kennedy providing the first 'dodgy river moment' as the sandy bottom grabbed us!! The night was spent at the Kalpower Camp ground in the NP where a sign warned us of a recent croc sighting. On through the park the next day, the corregations providing therapy and to the Archer River roadhouse for the night. The creek crossings now up to 11. The landscape has been constantly chasning from rain forest to bush to savannah and now, in Weipa, regenerated bauxite mineworks. The sunsets here are stunning and we have seen our first crocodie. All for now- the roast lamb is done and I must go.
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