Bramwell Station to the Dalhunty River

Well - this was a day of adventure, driving skill and grunt! 7 hours to travel 33 km along the Old Telegraph Track - but what a beautiful, exciting, adrenaline busting 33km! The Palm Creek crossing was our first major obstacle - described as having 'steep and slippery' entry and exit points - it required some road building by us to make it vaguely passable and of the thirteen vehicles only five of us (note the use of "us") made it without requiring winching/towing. and the 5 of us included two women drivers and the only one of the five camper trailers - go you good Patrol& Tvan!
The next crossing - Dulcie Creek required a drive through the creek , negotiating a wide berth to avoid some deep holes and a near vertical exit - the Tvan makes a good basketball luckily! We then continued slowly along a rutty, narrow track through beautiful everchanging vegetation to the south bank of the Dalhunty river for a delightful bush camp. We gratefully sat under the falls and swam in mother nature's spa pool and the only crocs were the ones on my feet as the other kind don't hang around fast flowing water (apparently!).