Dalhunty River to the Jardine River

This day commenced with a tyre change for us as we had popped a bead and had a slow leak. We crossed the Dalhunty easily and headed along more rutty single track with vibrant vegetation and the odd telegraph pole dotting the landscape to the Bertie Creek. This required a steep entry and then a sharp right turn to hug the bank driving at a 45 degree angle until past the deep rock holes and cross the creek on a narrow rock bridge that then fell away again if the turn was too late - followed by an easy vertical climb! We turned off the old telegraph track a few km on to travel down to Captain Billy's Landing on the East coast - a truly stunning visa held our gaze for the last few km. This is a beautiful spot and one tat I would like to return to to stay awhile. The afternoon brought it's challenges with poor Colin losing his left rear wheel - literally like th cartoon - look there's a wheel overtaking us on the track - oh, c**p it's ours! So we waited together for a couple of hours and then having clarified that a tilt tray truck could get to him from Bamaga that night, the rest of the group with Gaby (tour leader 1) left Dave (tour leader 2) and Colin and proceeded to make camp on the banks of the Jardine River. The Jardine ferry stops at 5 so the tilt tray guy, Scott, had to camp with us and proceed on the Bamaga the following morning.


  1. This all sounds and looks like a whole load of fun, just been scouring FB and Twitter to see where you are and was directed here!!!!So continue with the fun and exploration, speak soon :)


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