Here I sit, in the cool of the morning in Cairns – yes, the pleasant- revitalising-only-can-marginally-be-described-as cool not the cold, surrounded by a varetyi of Palms and the squaks of tropical birds and fellow campers. We spent the first night in Narrabri where the local club provided a ‘son et lumiere’ show complete with thunder and lightening as we wrestled with our food our and the caravan park was guarded by a scary lady ands we did as we were told. A starnge thing happened overnight, we both woke frequently during the night and got up at 4 unable to breath properly. I can only describe as the kind of air hunger that I have experienced at altitude and Narrabri is at 262m – so not sure waht was happening there – I was puffing and gasping for breath by the time I had got dressed, P too. The hatch was closed as it was a cold night and I know that the dust seal is good but we have never experinced that before. Anyhow – great day for getting up early and travelling so on to Rockhampton via Banana in the shire of Banana where they grow Milo. Also had a close encounter with a roo, out of the tall grass with out looking – close enough for P to close her eyes but luckily I didn’t and the roo didn’t have to. Got to Rockhampton and then off again early but breathing easily the next day to Townsville, a beautiful day’s drive along the Bruce Highway as it teased us with glimpses of the Capricana coastline.We caught the Australia-England game-they-play-in-heaven- match on BBC Radio 5 Live via the life-savinf iphone – don’t ya just love that baby. Following a leisurly breakfast enjoyed outside in the balmy morning air we headed north for the final 350km toCairns. Stopped briefly at Cardwell, a street on the beach, to enjoy the Robinson Crusoe views and an Espresso Coffee van and the barrista provided the best coffee for at least 2025km – can I just say IT WAS GORGEOUS. Today we are off to see if we can spend an afternoon on an ATV without breaking anything – speeding around a track on a 3 wheeled trail bike is very appealing – I hope it stays that way.... of course it will. Then shop for the meat and check over the truck and van to depart for the Cape on Wednesday morning. Picked up a geocache in the town yesterday too. Ah life can be hard, but it’s good if you weaken a bit.
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