We took a trip out to Mapoon today - standing, sandblasted looking west it is a very remote place. I met with the DON of Wiepa hospital yesterday and again today - some fascinating conversations and met some amazing, resourceful, committed nurses working in the Cape. Nobody can be born in wiepa (they are flown to Cairns at 35 weeks) and nobody was able to die here - well, not buried anyhow until recently. The hospital is brand new - opened just a year ago in 2009 and is very well equiped but lacks specialist staff (medics) for a variety of reasons. I also visited a primary health care clinic in Napernum and again spoke with some amazing people.
The sunsets from the beachfront on the campground are simply stunning - mother nature dressed to please and every night a show. Packing up tomorrow and setting off towards the Old Telegraph Track and Bramwell. Bought a new gooseneck for the towbar here to get some more clearance for the van and all shpould be good - quite miss the teeth shattering corregations while driving around town!!
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