The Big Green Tree Frog

I know that he looks plastic - but truly - he is real and relaxing on a branch on the banks of the Daintree. A distant cousin of his didn't fare so well yesterday however. I was filling the water tank and flicked the hose to unwind it. On my next passage by I noticed a Cane Toad lying on its back, hands and legs in the air looking rough (how can you tell you ask... I know!). We flicked him back over onto the grass but I fear for his future. There is another Cane Toad who lives by our camp and has been on stroids for some time I would say - I have been considering putting together a waistcoat and monocle for him and asking if he knows Ratty!. Today we went out on the outer Agincourt Reef for the day - snorkelling and looking around the ocean bed from a semisubmarine - well a boat that wa sfitted out so that we sat in the keel really - but great to drift around and see more underwater landscapes. The snorkelling was first class - just love drifting around watching all the colour and action. And, if the day hadn't been fabulous enough - we sighted a whale on the return journey and stopped to watch it breach and dive - quite early for this far north. Tomorrow we head of west to Undarra - home of the largest Lava tubes in the world! and then on to Cobbold Gorge and to Normanton & Karumba travelling along the Savannah Way. Probably no internet access untill then so play nicely:)
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