Cobbold Gorge to Karumba

This is the beautiful, mystical Cobbold Gorge. We first flew over it in a helicopter - a very small with no doors which was a tad scary for us chopper virgins - 'you can look out without falling out' said Daniel the pilot! and we tried to believe him. Th Gorge sits in the Robin Hood Cattle Station 90 km south off the Savannah Way. The following day we walked to the hieghts above the gorge and then took a boat ride through it - the serenity was so serene that the folks on our boat spoke in whispers not wishing to disturb the mystical air that encompassed us. We had a bit of an action stay also hitting golf balls off of the wall of the dam and taking it in turns to collect them by kayak - bit of an amazing race challange - which we won of course and contiued to Karumba via Normanton - stopping briefly to admire Krys - the largest croc shot (of course)  in the world/Southern Hemisphere etc. The Savannah Way makes its way across changing backdrops of savannah, scrub, floodplains & wetlands via dirt, single track and the usual blacktop. The skys out this way are huge - not unlike the desert skies - beautiful by day or by night.
Last evening we took a boat ride out to the mouth of the Norman River to watch the sunset over the Gulf - wow - mother nature put on a stunner and provided some Kites for entertainment on the way. Tonight we plan to pick up some fish and chips, sit on the sand at Karumba Point and watch the show all over again:)
Tommorrow we up sticks and start heading south along the Matilda Way which will take us via Cloncurry, Tambo, Augathella, Longreach and Bourke. We plan to hit Dubbo on Friday night and home on Saturday. This has been the most excitng, challanging aweinspiring trip - roll on the next one ......