Relaxing at Wonga Beach

Really enjoying some R & R at Wonga. Yesterday we got the wheels rebalanced as we have had a considerable shudder since Bamaga - all smooth now, cleaned the car so we could see it again after its cloak of red dust and mud was surgically removed and took a trip to Mareeba. Enjoyed the wetlands with its miriad of birdlife and took in the sights at Coffee Works. Picked up a cup that has i's own plunger for essentially good coffee on the road. Today we took a solarpowered eco boatride on the Daintree where we saw this fella and a few of his wifes and friends together with atree snake and some bright green tree frogs - love those dudes. We retook the ferry across the Daintree and travelled up to Cape Tribulation again taking a delightful walk through the rain forest. Off to the Reef tommorrow - must go - roast lamb being served.
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