Relaxing on the banks of the Coen

Having spent 3 nights in Seisa and visited Thursday Island and enjoyed a cold one in Australia's northernmost pub we had a great boat trip back with the little baot riding the waves and the ocean dumping it's contents on deck!
We are now relaxing on the banks of the Coen river. Our bush camp has a the most delightful vista. Last night we bushcamped at Cockatoo Creek having spent the day driving from Seia along the Old Telegraph Line. The track was good sand most of the way with some cross axle sections in the ruts and included a deepish river crossing requiring tarps across the engine bay on the way to Elliot Falls, Fruitbat Falls and Twin Falls wher we had lunch and a swim. When I say swim - it was more of a spabath - sitting under the falls with the water pounding from above was magical.We stopped at Sheldon Lagoon to admire the turtles living in their oasis and made camp under the trees at the Creek. Crossing Cockatoo creek the next morning required care as there are some deep drop offs and holes on the rocky/sandy bottom. The boys walked it despite the croc warning signs - somebody had to! The steep exit caused no worries after our Palm Creek experience. The bush repair Bill and I fashioned with plumbers tape , a screw and duck tape is working a treat to keep water out of the airfilter.
The pics ar ein Flickr as am having probs uploading them to blog. link at bottom right. Thanks to Belinda for this pic crossing the creek between Fruitbat and Elliot Falls,