Gums, saltbush and red dirt

I have been a big slack on the blogging front - driving lots and enjoying the magnificent vistas the great outdoors has to offer, all while getting work done - yes indeed :). Very privileged am I to be travelling across this great land with time to think and write as well as enjoy all that the land has to offer.
It was chilly in South Australia as we camped along side the mighty Murray at Renmark and sat alone at the Willows (Yango National Park) with only emus and big reds for company. Having said that - there was a critter on the roof scratching away - we didn't discover what species but they disappeared with a thump on the ceiling.

Mambray Creek in Mount Remarkable NP didn't let us down - we cooked over an open fire surrounded by wallabies, mighty gums and huge skies.
Turning north, we headed up the Stuart Highway - following the route of the telegraph line from Adelaide to Darwin, completed in only two years by engineer Todd and his teamsters - this cut the time for communication to the mother land from months to hours.

We camped a couple of times in one the many rest areas by the side of the highway - once again, big big skies and clear starry nights. The huge horizons went on and on - rusty red rocks blanketed in scrub; carpets of saltbush stretching for miles and as we headed further north - the saltbush gave way to scrub and then to small trees - bonsied by the arid environment.
We stopped to aid a young couple who seemed to have been sold a bit of a lemon of a car for their great adventure - with two bald tyres, one of which was already in pieces, they were stuck a few hundred miles from anywhere. P found the jack (by reading the manual) and I assisted with the provision of wheel changing tools. Soon they were able to set off again with instructions to buy new tyres at Coober Pedy.
A three night stop in Alice gave us time to fill the water tanks and revisit some of the gorgeous gorges in the West Macdonalds.
We are now sitting in Tennant Creek enjoying a cold one sat relaxing in the red dust that is the lawn.